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The Wolfburgh Way

Elevate the quality of your life with the Luna Strength Mobility Pack: A Premier Home & Outdoor Fitness Solution.

Delve into Wolfburgh's bespoke workout, nutrition, and mindset program, curated just for you.

Embrace excellence with unrivalled expert guidance. Begin your transcendent journey today.


Luna Strength & Mobility Pack + 8 Week Personalized Workout/Nutrition/Mindset Program & Client Support


Is the gym not your scene? Struggling with tight schedules? Do you need some expert guidance and someone to keep you accountable? 

Look no further! Dive into a wellness revolution tailored uniquely for you. Wolfburgh Guarantees results if you stick to the plan.

Transform with Luna Strength + Mobility Pack! 🌙 

🏋️‍♂️ Tailored 8-Week Program: Push past generic workouts. Welcome a uniquely crafted 8-week program aligned with your goals. From comprehensive exercise guidance to a custom diet plan, we've redefined transformation.

📞 1-on-1 Expert Coaching: Confused about a technique? Seeking motivation or nuanced expertise? Your pathway to premier guidance is just a call or message away.

🎥 Instant Video Support: All your carefully curated workout sessions will be uploaded to the App. Here you will find videos detailing exactly how to do each step + written guidance on each exercise. Ensuring your form is impeccable. We can also arrange live workouts to give you expert guidance in real time. 

🌱 Total Wellness Approach: We’re not just about muscles. Dive deep into complete wellness. Synchronize equipment training with personalized nutrition and mindset coaching for a holistic transformation.

🏡 High-Impact, Low-Time: Unleash the might of 30-minute workouts meticulously fashioned for both home and outdoor settings. Curated for those who prioritize time.

💼 Your Customized Equipment Set: The Luna Pack isn’t just tools; it’s a testament to your commitment. Beyond our 15 meticulously selected tools + Storage bag, pick from our concise equipment bundles or let us design one exclusively for you.

🌎 Unprecedented Value: At a streamlined £599.00, secure the Luna Strength + Mobility Equipment Pack coupled with 8 weeks of top-tier coaching. A fitness paradigm shift.

💰 Commitment Guarantee: Hesitations?  Buy now, pay later - We can split the cost into 3 payments if that works better for you. Our dedication speaks volumes. If our service doesn’t resonate within 30 days, we promise a money-back guarantee.

For those moments of "I can’t find the time" or "Where's my starting line?", Wolfburgh is your clarion call. We synergize premier equipment with unparalleled 1-on-1 coaching, rendering the gym and personal trainer ethos to your personal space, on your terms.

📩 Engage with Niall or one of our trainers directly: Eager to sculpt your fitness narrative? Our founder, Niall, awaits your message. Schedule a call to delve into your aspirations and discern if Wolfburgh aligns with your vision.

💥 Elite Offer Awaits! Embark on a fitness trajectory tuned to your rhythm, preferences, and aspirations.

🏋️‍♂️ Free Shipping and Money-Back Guarantee: We make it even easier for you to start your fitness transformation. Enjoy free shipping on your Luna Pack, and we back it up with a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our priority.

🌎 International Shipping: We currently ship to Canada, U.K., and U.S.A from our warehouses in Canada and U.K.

*We also offer smaller equipment bundles with all the same perks along with 'build your own bundle' *

Unlock your fitness potential with the Luna Strength Mobility Pack today! Take control of your workouts, enjoy the convenience of a full home gym, and experience the freedom to achieve your fitness goals on your terms with the support of Wolfburgh.

What’s included in the Luna Pack?

✅ 11pc Wolf-Grade Resistance Band Trainer Set ✅ Wolf Grade Battle Rope ✅ Pull Up Bar ✅ Wolf Grade Wooden Olympic Rings ✅ Ab Roller ✅ Adjustable Jump Rope ✅ Xtra Tough Foam Roller ✅ Wolf-Grade Yoga Mat ✅ Boxing Reflex Reaction Ball ✅ Trigger-Point Ball ✅ Hand Grip Strength Trainer ✅ Rotating Push-up Blocks ✅ Firm Fabric Hip Resistance Band ✅ Heavy-Duty Equipment Storage Bag ✅ Wooden Balance Board ✅ Wolf-Grade Suspension Trainer