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FREE Mobility + Strength Programme

We are delighted to bring you our first Wolfburgh + Jamie Petsinis foundational Mobility + Strength programme (beginner friendly)

Click here  for the link to be directed to the Wolfburgh Youtube channel and email to receive your FREE PDF with written workout guidance + instructions.


Do you find yourself with neck pain, back pain, and general discomfort from being too sedentary? 

 Are you spending most of your day in your office chair or hunched over looking at your phone screen? 

 Are you honest enough to admit to yourself that your current lifestyle can’t continue but don’t know where to start?

 Has it been a while since you stretched, exercised or built strength? 

 Don’t worry we’re all guilty these days, however Wolfburgh has a solution. 

 If you answered yes to the questions above then this programme is definitely for YOU. 

 Jamie has a unrivalled passion for fitness,mobility, and helping people . With her years of experience in physical rehabilitation + movement she has developed a world class foundational programme that anyone anywhere can complete. Her emphasis is on providing you with the necessary tools to improve your mobility and strength so that you don’t waste $1000’s of dollars on physio and hospital bills each year. 

 What YOU will get out of this beginner friendly foundation mobility programme :


  • 6 weeks of low impact workout programming to get you up and moving, helping to strengthen, stretch and improve mobility.
  • Video and written demonstration of each exercise/activity 
  • Three 20- 30 min workouts each week.
  • Weekly check ins, got a question about your programme or if you’re doing an exercise correctly? we are here to help 7 days a week just message us. 

Targeted to individuals who are sedentary majority of their day, not sure where to start with their fitness journey and/or individuals who need to heal any muscle aches and pains.

This plan is organized for most exercise routines to be performed twice throughout the 6 weeks. This is for you to increase your weight and ensure proper form.

Performing and mastering a solid workout routine to implement progressive overload is where you will see and feel results. Compared to always completing different exercise/workout routines.

A good rule of thumb is; if you have good form and can complete the designated amount of reps with ease you should increase the weight. You should struggle with the last 2 reps of all exercises.

For this program, I show you what weight to aim to start with for each exercise. I recommend making sure you can perform the designated reps and sets with proper form and challenging yourself by increasing the weight as weeks go on.

If this sounds like YOU then don’t hesitate and get started with our Programme. We guarantee fantastic results or we will provide you a full refund on your programme. 

 What have YOU got to lose? Well aches and pains, but apart from that?


 Gain Momentum. Reach Optimum. Achieve.