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FREE Calisthenic’s Programme

Have you seen people doing Calisthenic’s workout’s on social and when out and about and thought that look’s cool but I could never do that.

Then Wolfburgh is here to tell you your wrong!

What if we told you we have worked very closely with @StreetWorkOutGreg one of North America’s top Calisthenic’s trainer’s to create an amazing 6 week beginner Calisthenic's programme that will give you a world class foundation for YOU to build upon during your Calisthenic's journey. 

Click here  for the link to be directed to the Wolfburgh Youtube channel and email to receive your FREE PDF with written workout guidance + instructions.
With lack of time due to busy schedules playing a factor in all our lives we wanted to create a programme that provides the best workout’s that can be done in 20 minutes or less. Three x 20 minute workouts a week. 1 hr a week for 6 weeks and YOU will be blown away with the progression you have made with our programme. 
So what is Calisthenic’s training and why should you bother?
At the most basic level, "Calisthenic's is resistance training with your own body-weight,"
The beauty of calisthenic's is that you can do it anywhere, anytime-all you need is your body and minimal equipment.
It's one of the only ways to build mass and strength without the use of weights which is what we are all about at Wolfburgh.
Its great having big muscles but we are all about functional training that helps with our day to day lives and calisthenic's is a beautiful source of this.


6 weeks of full body Calisthentic's programming , helping to strengthen, stretch and improve your overall strength.


  • Video and written demonstration from Greg of each exercise/activity 
  • Three 20 - 30 min workouts each week.
  • Weekly check ins, got a question about your programme or if your doing an exercise correctly? we are here to help 7 days a week just message us. 
 6 week Wolfburgh programme and here's 6 reasons why.
You will build serious strength.
You will move better - functional training
You are likely maintain better form
You hit every. single. muscle.
You'll be gentler on your joints and connective tissue
You will improve your brain-body connection

Where and when YOU decide with Wolfburgh.