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The Wolfburgh Way

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Wolfburgh Power Bag

The Wolfburgh Power Bag is a simple and highly effective unconventional Strength training tool, which comes PRE FILLED with SAND. Unlike typical workout implements, the Wolfburgh Power Bag weight shifts and moves when you do, creating a much more dynamic and challenging workout. It requires you to utilize a variety of stabilization muscles that wouldn't typically be used for basic lifts, especially for higher repetitions.


The benefits of using a powerbag are many, but the two that really distinguish them from other implements are their functionality and versatility. The Wolfburgh Power Bag has a way of showing you exactly how "functionally fit" you really are. That's because the weights that you're going to be lifting on a day to day basis are not going to cooperate with you... think of picking up your kids, carrying groceries, or doing yard work; none of these have form-fitted handles for you to grip. The same is true with many sandbag drills. This type of training will be instantly translated into benefits for your next playground day with the kids, or backyard weekend chores.


The Wolfburgh Power Bag is a highly versatile training tool that allows you to do exercises normally acquainted with barbells, as well as other unconventional implements like kettlebells, clubs, or odd objects like atlas stones. You could use them to enhance a range of abilities, including strength, conditioning, power, and explosiveness all at once or individually.


If you want to get the most out of Power Bag training, you'll want to utilize the destabilizing nature of the sandbag with combination exercises that hit every area of your body at once. The ability to combine drills is one of the best things about sandbags. The Wolfburgh Power Bag was designed to be a simple but very functional and effective strength training tool.


  • 22kg in weight



  • 4 handles

  • Highly Durable

  • Simple Design

  • Highly Effective Strength Training Tool