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5 Benefits of Using Rotating Push Up Blocks

Can't I just do normal push ups?
Below Wolfburgh will outline 5 key reasons why Rotating Push Blocks are so effective.
  1. Increased muscle activation: By rotating the blocks, the muscles in your shoulders, chest, and triceps are forced to work harder to stabilise your body, resulting in increased muscle activation.
  2. Improved range of motion: Rotating the blocks allows for a greater range of motion in your shoulders, which can help to improve flexibility and mobility.
  3. Increased difficulty: Rotating the blocks makes the exercise more challenging, allowing you to target different muscle fibers and continue to progress in your training.
  4. Enhanced grip strength: The rotating feature of the blocks can also help to improve grip strength as you have to hold on to the blocks more firmly.
  5. Variety: Rotating push up blocks can add variety to your workout routine and help to prevent boredom.

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