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Top 5 benefits of Resistance Training

Staying active and healthy is a lifelong journey, which is why it’s important to always seek new, exciting and challenging ways to take care of yourself. And while some of us might be attracted to the gym or a run through the neighborhood, there’s another option rising in popularity - and for good reason. Considering investing in some equipment and giving it a whirl? Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive!
#1 Mind-To-Muscle Control
The less structure your equipment has, the more muscles you activate to keep it in position. Because resistance bands have a snap-back draw to them, it requires more muscle activation to keep steady form than simply being seated in a weight machine.
Why is mind-to-muscle control so important?
Focusing all attention on the area you’re exercising (which is necessary when trying to stay balanced) is going to fire up all the muscles in that region. Believe it or not, this connection of concentration can accelerate your results without ever increasing the weight. Which segways into the second most popular benefit from resistance training :
#2 Less Risk Of Injury
The gym culture tells us to lift heavier and heavier if we want to see results. Unfortunately however, it doesn’t always build balance. Joints, ligaments and actual bone structure need to be equally as prepared to lift as the actual muscle itself. The repetitive nature of many weight-lifters can cause a build-up of micro tears that eventually impair the individual from training at their highest potential and therefore prohibit them from achieving their goals. The bonus of resistance training is it incorporates a much more expansive dictionary of movement that is most organic for the body. The dynamic movements allow for continual growth without repeated stress being applied to the same, isolated group of muscles.
#3 Increase Functionality + Mobility
Using machines - and even bulky dumbbells - can interfere with our natural range of motion and restrict us from using the full extent of our strength and mobility. Much exercise equipment isn’t capable of shaping to our own unique build and therefore forces us to compromise form to perform the move. Resistance equipment gives your body the freedom to move in a way that feels best for your body.
#4 Affordable
If going to the gym isn’t in your budget - or schedule - resistance equipment is how you’ll be getting in shape. And the good news … it’s going to be the most affordable way to do it. A single rack of dumbbells runs an average of $1300, while an entire resistance kit (like theLuna Pack), goes for only $350. The lifespan on the equipment - especially brands like Wolfburgh - is going to last you for years making it an even more impressive purchase.
#5 Accommodating For All Levels + Conditions
Resistance equipment has often been associated with recovery - and for good reasons. Not only do they offer a multitude of modifications, they can also give you an unlimited amount of amplifications. The idea that you can’t get jacked through resistance training is far from the truth. (And if you aren’t seeing results, consider reviewing your form, focus and nutrition. If these factors aren’t aligned then it’ll be difficult to notice any improvements). It’s always a nuisance when you outgrow your equipment. But because you can always be changing and challenging your bands you’ll never run out of ideas and ways to amp up your workouts.