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Nature, a Gym that can Elevate Body, Mind, and Soul

Health, whether mental or physical is necessary to lead a happy, successful life. Life has been too stressful in 2021. People all around the globe are suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. All the hustle and bustle of life has made it difficult for us to focus on our mental health. But a breath of fresh air, as a phrase commonly used, can help root out the toxicity from anyone's life. Outdoor walks and exercises can boost one’s mood, soul, and body as well.

If you are suffering from loss of mental peace, we are here to introduce you to some daily life tips that can rejuvenate your mind and body.

Be Close to Nature

Being close to nature has always been a source of true serenity for everyone. Whenever one is feeling low, a slight walk into a park or garden is good enough to refresh the mood. Researches have shown that in open environments, people feel out of the box and free. It helps breathe out tensions and inhale a fresh burst of air into your soul. Phytoncides are the organic compounds that are released from plants. These compounds help in reducing stress and anxiety.

Pack in your yoga mat and water in your workout bag, take a refreshing walk and a yoga session near the sea and you will feel all reinvigorated.

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Outdoor Workouts

Physical exercises have already proven to be a good source of reducing stress. People who spend a dedicated hour to physical exercises show symptoms of reducing stress. However, aerobic exercises have proven more effective in reducing body stress. In closed situations, physical exertion reduces oxygen supply for the body which can stress out the body. Our all-in-one Luna Pack is great for those outdoor workouts, along with following the workout programme available with it. Move outside and look for a naturally fulfilling place to work out. In aerobic conditions, there is a constant supply of oxygen. This refreshes the body and reduces stress. Outdoor activities can increase blood flow and start skin adaptations that work to bring a glow to your skin.

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Recreational outdoor activities help to reduce anxiety and depression. Research by Utah State University has stated that outdoor activities like gardening or jogging leave a positive influence on psychological health.

Activities that bring one close to nature have a significant role in reducing depression. According to researches, people who do a daily walk outside have shown reduce symptoms of state anxiety. Taking part in activities like gardening or hiking that bring you close to nature, enhances the mental peace and wellbeing of individuals. Such treatments are often suggested to people having depression and stress. This aids them to release out their stress and try to make the best out of themselves.

One does not need to stress out in extensive gym exercises. Instead pack your necessary workout equipment and look for some soothing place to release out all your anxiety, depression, and mental stress and breath a sigh of fresh air.  You can easily find out such workout kits on our website. Just order it at a click and live your life at ease.

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Shana Norvel, a fitness expert says that 10 minutes of workout outside is more effective in creating a boosted spirit throughout the day. Outdoor activities reduce your stress and make you feel great.

The research found that 6 weeks of exercise reduces fatigue and energizes you. It also improves remembrance capabilities in us.


Easy Access

Working out outdoors might not be an easy situation sometimes but you can always look for a park or in best cases, a mountain top for a fresh start to the day. The refreshing morning air will keep you active for the whole day. You can take whatever equipment you need for your workout from your luna pack and workout somewhere that reinvigonrates and refreshes you.

The workouts do not need to be hugely exertive. There is no time restraints or expense in outdoor exercises. All it requires is your focus and attention.

Indoor air is more polluted. So, by working out in natural settings, you can breathe pure and fresh air. Nature is also a good source of vitamin D as you directly encounter the sun, and it makes you strong from inside out. Also, your mind is more active when you work outside as you are subjected to constant environmental change. You become more vigilant and sharp observer.


Outdoor exercises are always a great therapy. But you need to be careful in some aspects to get the maximum advantage from your efforts.

  • Do not subject to extreme temperature. It can disturb your normal body temperature and disrupt the internal equilibrium conditions.
  • Do not get sunburnt.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Travel Backpacks:

Exercise has its benefits. Outdoor exercises have proven to be an effective part of treatment strategies for stress and depression. Its benefits can’t be ignored. These are more fun to do and have appealing benefits.

The important factor for outdoor exercise is to have the right equipment. It should be portable and does not feel like missing out on the gym. An outdoor equipment bag is all you need. A bag that carry all your pieces of equipment from a yoga mat to jump ropes and what else. A workout bag must comprise enough space and must be stretchable enough to carry your luggage.  The Wolfburgh waterproof backpack does all this!