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The Wolfburgh Way

Get an amazing workout, anywhere, anytime, thats the Wolfburgh way. No excuses!

Alpha Wolfpack

Tired of being tired? 

 Times are changing and its vital we adapt.

 Take control of your life through consistent exercise and self-mindfullness. 

 The ultimate workout pack - More than everything you need to get a phenomenal workout at home or on the go.  Imagine being able to get a more efficient workout than you would at the gym from the comfort of your own living room or why not live a little and get outdoors and exercise with mother nature. 

 All of the packages have access to our library of video content which is tailored to your needs with the Wolfburgh equipment. 

 What do I get? 

 1. 11pc Ultimate Wolf Resistance Trainer Set

2. Pull Up or Shut Up Bar

3. Fab Roller

4.You Skipping Rope

5. Xtra Tuff Foam Roller

6. Super Soft Yoga Mat

7. Devine Boxing Agility Ball

8. Spike Massage Ball

9. Yes Squeeze Hand grip

10. Rotating Push up blocks

11. Happy Hip Band

12. Wolfburgh Waterproof Dry Bag

13. Balance ‘is key’  Board

Why the Wolfpack?

  •  No costly Personal Trainer fees
  • No gym memberships
  • Split cost between household
  • No weirdo's checking you out all the time
  • Intense exercise at home
  • Exercise on the go
  • No waiting for equipment/wearing mask
  • Free workouts dropping regulary
  • Free beginner workout programme